Those who visit us can stay overnight in the lodge or enjoy a picnic day paying a day visit.

Activities go from:

• horse riding
• "carro" riding, sulky
• strolling, walk, trekking
• feeding the different animals (hens, ducks, geese, pigs)
• shear the sheep
• milk (or try to milk) the cows
• observe the flora and fauna, take photography
• enjoy the sun and the pool
• relax by the pool and read a good book in the shade
• and something very special:

Nearby you can:
• Playing golf, either leave the stadium or practice driving.
• Fishing in the Gualeguaychú River or having nautic activities.
• Playing polo.
• Visit microregions and villages of the south.
• Visit the Museum of the Agricultural Rural Society (5 km).
• The San Jose Palacio (Colon - 100 km).
• Go to the beachs on coast the Uruguay River likes: Ñandubaysal, Banco Pelay, Las Cañas (Fray Bentos - ROU).

Only 10 min. drive from the farm, you have acces to one of the most spectacular and renowned Argentinian attractions: the Carnival of Gualeguaychú. This parade takes place in the Corsodromo, every Saturday in January and February, You can stay at the farm and experience the fun of Carnival at the same time!



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