We are a rural family, and always lived in the countryside. This has enabled us to appreciate the true value of nature and learn to respect it and be amazed at everything it provides.

Itapeby is our home, we live here. It is a small ranch on the outskirts of Gualeguaychú and just 200 km from Buenos Aires. Here we perform all types of farming activities from milking cows to raising cattle. We are self-sufficient and produce our own food at home, respecting the typical recipes of countryside.

Itapeby is a life project, our life project, our life concept. It fills us with such happiness that we want to share it with all those who come and visit us and want to live a different experience.
Responsabile Rural Tourism

Our philosophy is to rescue forgotten customs, abandoned villages, help the economy of rural areas with few resources. Putting emphasis on people, love humanity, environment and social inclusion of womens and mens in the conutryside.

We transmit to the visitors our traditions and culture, the value of our ancestors, and our concept of life. You can do various activities such as: horseback riding, rural activities, observe the flora and fauna or listen to nature.

We focus on the happiness of people, believing in the project, the dignity of work, the importance of rescuing our culture and our tradition of countryside.

We employs local people, the ecology its our most important, we contribute and promotes the development of micro and small entreprises.



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